It’s Almost Halloween!

It’s almost Halloween!  Costumes are being planned, haunted houses are being decorated, and the ever present sweet tooth is licking his chops.  The day of sweet indulgence without guilt is almost here!

But what does your dentist say about that?  Read on for facts about candy and oral health and ways to keep your sweet tooth around for many more Halloweens to come.

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We Support Spain Park!


Greystone Smile Design, the office of Hoover dentists Dr. Trent Buchanan and Dr. Tom Dudney, is proud to support Spain Park Basketball.

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Denture Cleaning Sequence

If you’re one of the 20 million Americans who wear dentures, you’ve probably heard hundreds of ways to clean and disinfect your “false teeth” – or as we like to say at Greystone Smile Design, “true teeth.”

Find out 2 new ways to clean your dentures using common household products.

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Your Emergency Dentist

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Greystone Smile Design has a 24 hour emergency contact number. So, if you have a toothache and it’s after hours or on the weekend, simply call 877-515-7645 to speak with Dr. Buchanan. We go the extra SMILE for you!

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Pediatric Dentistry Recommendations

Pediatric dentists recommend that regular dental check-ups and cleanings should begin by one year of age and continue every six months thereafter.

Some children may need dental care beginning with the eruption of their first tooth and some may need care more often than every six months.

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Which Vitamin Can Help Treat Canker Sores?

Vitamin B12

Taking 1,000 micrograms daily of vitamin B12 reduces the frequency, pain, and duration of canker sores, according to a study in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine.

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Deep Bleaching Maintenance Instructions

All natural teeth darken with time. It’s normal. It is much better to “maintain” the whiteness of your teeth rather than to let them darken and then touch-up the whiteness.

Waiting until your teeth darken and then touching them up is a losing proposition over time. Keeping your teeth at their maximum whiteness, not allowing them to ever darken is the only sure-fire way to have a lifetime of beautiful white teeth – FOREVER!

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